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With CRM-service, you can get the best possible CRM, which suits your extending company needs

Our agile project methods are sharpened to fast deliveries, where the customer is part of the workshops and therefore learning, developing and making sure that all their needs are met and the CRM is running the daily operations smoothly. Open Web Service gives endless possibilities to use the CRM data.

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Key Elements of CRM-service System

CRM-service is a high-quality, flexible and easy-to-use customer relationship management system, which helps you create an even better work experience. Grow your system in modules or as packages, including state-of-the-art features and innovations – be it customer automation, sales funnel or invitation events. Have your daily activities unbelievably easy and fast just by the cost of monthly user fees. Browse more by selecting a package.

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Take care of the contacting points in your customer life cycle with CRM-service portals such as Contact Center (inbound and outbound calls) and customer portal for self-service needs.


Work with one or multiple currencies in CRM. Currency exchange rate can be set manual or automatically from the European Central Bank.

Invoicing process

Set up your invoice process according your methods in example divided invoicing, work hour invoices and membership fees.

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Advanced Reporting

The system contains practically an unlimited amount of numeral reports that can be manually created, saved and published by the users.

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Contact Center

Modern, quick-to-learn tools for both Outbound telecontacting and handling Inbound calls.

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Contact Center – Outbound

The Contact Portal includes all the tools needed for carrying out phone campaigns, including activity tracking, reporting, QA analysis and so on.

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Contact Center – Inbound

Contact Center Application is an easy-to-use solution for managing incoming calls.

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Self-Service Portal

Allow customers to update and add personal information, sign up for training events or make purchases via the Self-Service Portal, and gather the information to CRM in real time.

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Support Portal

Managing customer service requests is effortless for both parties. The portal enables the end customer to manage their company’s requests and speeds up the communication process.

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WordPress Connector

With the WordPress Connector, you can create leads or potentials directly to your sales, support or marketing pipeline.

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Customer Relationship Management

Tools for efficient and fun customer management. Imagine the new possibilities having all the data managed in one system.

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CRM-service can be used from enterprise-level companies to small businesses. Manage millions of data records with a lightning-fast performance.

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Our security model focuses in all aspects of the field including physical, data transfer, application and backup security.

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Sales Pipe

Excellent tools for salespeople to follow their own sales performance and forecasts from leads to sales.

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GDPR Compliance

The CRM-service system is 100% compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation.

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Connect freely or activate Connectors - CRM-service has REST-based inbound Web Service APIs and a handful of Connectors.

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Customer Service

Our professional support team will help with any matters regarding the CRM system.

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Use the full account and contact database of the CRM to form campaigns with needed criteria and content.

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Functions of the Contact Center enable calling, reporting and tracking customer data all at the same time.


Learn and evolve. Set up the budget for the project, follow it and calculate the profitability.

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Working Hour Registration

See-through and beneficial for the users themselves to keep track of overtimes and project hour estimation budgets.


Create, edit and invoice project expenses directly on the project with a flexible selection of time periods, users, project phase rows and more.


Manage project resources flexibly for each project on a user and task basis.


Targets, forecasts and budgets can be set to use either numbers, currency or units, depending on whether they measure activities or money.

Graphical Statistics

With understandable graphical visualizations, the user will be able to examine the current situation on the followed topic on their own home page.

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Personal Home Page

Customize the view on every user's home page; get highlights and set up goals.

Take Advantage of the Statistics

Approach the data and sort it, sum it, follow it and send it out from the CRM as wished. No field or information is left behind.


With open source API keys, you can choose a partner for accounting and connecting the data flow from CRM in real time.

Employee Operation Portals

Mobile task follower will guide the employee from a session to another while providing a channel to communicate with their manager.

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Automatic Recurring

Annual or monthly recurring invoicing is easy to set up and change to meet the business needs.

Warehouse Portal

The Warehouse and Working Hour Reporting Portal provides the users with fast access to vital functionalities anywhere in the field – no office needed.

Sending Invoices

Letter, e-invoice or email. Your customer chooses the method and CRM delivers the invoice while being loyal to your company's image.

Follow Up and Organize

Use tags, set up automatic reminders and keep the customer care linked to the actions that follow.

Resolution Timestamps

Stay aware of and report how long resolving the customer service cases take time. Get reminders of overdue cases and track the time for invoicing purposes.

Mail Scanner

Communicate with the end customer via CRM, while the customer gets the replies by email - keep the data always in one place while communicating on the customers' terms.


Text message marketing is an efficient tool for sales and communication. After specifying a target group, you can simply click and send the message for hundreds of recipients at once.

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Email Marketing

Segmented communication, newsletters etc. with comprehensive statistics. The ultimate visual email marketing tools to wow your customers.


Send out surveys to learn more about your customers or to get valuable feedback. Validate, update and analyze.

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Automated Communication

Keep the segmented marketing communication to customers rolling.


Follow up the whole new sales acquisition process with the all-powerful Contact Center.

User Workflow

Sales orders trigger automations and segment based sales reminders for the whole sales team and individual users.


Several different calendar, activity and sales competition views enable a clear sales force management.


Choose between ready-made commission models and fully customized ones. Successful sales will be recorded and the commission calculated for the salesperson.

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All data around the company and contact can be segmented and used. Use the customer data to get your customers in the right segments.

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Project Management

Efficient and organized. Information about the project's workflow will reach directly the project leader and the company's CEO level, keeping everything under control.

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Business Intelligence

Choose freely from tens of different predefined dashboards the ones that give you the most business value. Our Business Intelligence is powered by QlikSense technology.


Work seamlessly with the whole team and divide responsibilities among handlers and the assigned user. Create priorities, statues and workflows to suit your customer care process.