Customer Relationship Management

When all the information about the customer can be reached in one place at any time, the data can easily be used for better customer service and targeted sales, as well as for reporting and business strategic purposes.

The CRM system has versatile and efficient tools for all-around customer relationship management.

All-In-One CRM

Customer Care

Know your customers and track the life-cycle of the customership.


Build effective sales processes to fit your needs.


Strengthen your customer satisfaction.


Deepen customer relationships across every touchpoint.


Advanced views for everyday actions and follow-ups for all user levels to comprehensive management reporting.


Free the manual work and connect any system to CRM-service.

Next level

Contact Center

Contact Center product family’s clear user interfaces and versatile features make the agents’ daily tasks easier for both inbound and outbound operations.

Self-service portal

Customer log-in portal for updating information, making orders, providing a 24/7 support channel, and so on.


Premium digital signing experience for closing the deals to various different types of documents.


Set up your invoice process according to your methods and send out the invoices directly from CRM.

Event Management

Manage event activities, keep your participants up to date with automated features.

Project work tracking

With quick tools set, track, and invoice your projects.

Other Features That Might Interest You

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CRM-service can be used from enterprise-level companies to small businesses. Manage millions of data records with a lightning-fast performance.

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Our security model focuses in all aspects of the field including physical, data transfer, application and backup security.

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GDPR Compliance

The CRM-service system is 100% compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation.