Customer Relationship Management

The CRM-service system gathers together information about the accounts and contacts, plus all the data about e.g. the quotes, sales orders and invoices of these customers. When all the information about the customer and customership can be reached in one place at any time, the data can easily be used for better customer service and sales, as well as for reporting and business strategic purposes.

The system has also versatile and efficient tools for all-around customer relationship management, all in just one place. The home page calendars keep you up-to-date on your meetings and events. There are also tools for collaboration and customer or entity-specific discussion to make the internal information flow smoother and easier. And not all the actions need to be done manually – use workflows and other automated actions to have the system e.g. send email or update customer information for you.

Other Features That Might Interest You

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CRM-service can be used from enterprise level companies to small businesses. You can manage millions of data records with a lightning-fast performance.

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Our security model focuses in all aspects of the field including physical, data transfer, application and backup security.

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GDPR Compliance

The CRM-service system is 100% compliant with the EU General Data Protection Regulation.