Increase your customer satisfaction,

sales and happiness of your employees.

Contact Center product family’s the clear user interfaces and versatile features make the agents’ daily tasks easier. With the comprehensive reporting views, the admin users and company management can easily see an overview of the calls.

The Contact Center is provided as a CCaaS (Contact Center as a Service), which ensures scalability and allows you to purchase only the technology you need at any given time.

The Contact Center product family works seamlessly together with CRM-service and is part of our whole ecosystem. It has modern, quick-to-learn tools for both Outbound telecontacting and Inbound CTI (Computer Telephony Integration) System with IVR (Interactive Voice Response) functionalities.

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Contact Portal

The focus of the Outbound solution Contact Portal is to meet the daily needs of the agents in their tasks and enable them to keep track of their progress in co-operation with other agents:

• Surveys and scripts
• Email material packages
• Callback remainder
• Actions
• Calendar booking

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Contact Center

Contact Center Application is an easy-to-use solution for managing incoming calls. The features of the application include:

• Advanced IVR functions
• Call groups and agents' statuses
• Call group recordings (out of office messages etc.)
• Call monitoring
• Callbacks and call history
• Admin functions for managing the call groups.

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Customize the Contact Center

Brand to Meet Your Company Needs

There are always changing needs for fields, messages and so on. With the Contact Center product family, it is easy to meet all needs with customizing:

• Custom fields for Contact and Company cards
• Call results
• Set your own outbound caller ID
• Business hours for call groups
• Welcome messages to Inbound
• Visually branded email material packages

Security and Localization

Configure the access to Contact Center based on groups, roles, or location. You can separate the different campaign for agents, add them to the inbound groups.
CRM-service is fully GDPR compliant and the data is stored in the EU.

• Secure hosting
• Encrypted data

Other Features That Might Interest You

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Contact Center – Outbound

The Contact Portal includes all the tools needed for carrying out phone campaigns, including activity tracking, reporting, QA analysis and so on.

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Contact Center – Inbound

Contact Center Application is an easy-to-use solution for managing incoming calls.