Implementation Partner in the Baltics

Klienditugi helps it's customers in the Baltics and Scandinavia to build new and better maintain existing customer relations now and in the future. CRM-service is the most important tool for Klienditugi, working with companies' and decision makers' databases from different countries; doing e-mail campaigns, telemarketing and much more. "Thanks to a great variety of modules and functions in CRM-service, we can use only one system to have all our business operations running smoothly."

de afdeling commercie

Implementation Partner in the Netherlands and Belgium

De Afdeling Commercie is a consulting company specialized in CRM and CRM-related commercial activities. They specialize in campaign management, sales management, continuous feedback management and DMU management, and with CRM-service, De Afdeling Commercie supplies a full range of commercial support with which a company can accelerate and professionalize their marketing and sales.

Marketing and Implementation Partner in Germany

W/K/H Consulting is an internationally recognized consulting and advisory team for enterprises and organizations, that want to be one of the best in their market, based on the highest customer focus and innovative ICT solutions. With creative methods, they give trend-setting impulses for sales, marketing, organization and management. The CRM-service product family is ideal for customers looking for sustainable growth of their customers or client base, to strengthen their position in their markets or to find creative ways to conquer new target groups based on excellent online methods.

Sales Partner in Finland

Talenom is an accounting company established in 1972. For more than 40 years, Talenom has been a partner that has taken care of especially small and medium-sized enterprises. Now with the CRM-service platform, Talenom can provide their customers with a wider selection of tools for customer relationship management. Talenom CRM is sold as ready-made packages to fulfill the customers' needs.

Software Partner

Liana Technologies is a European company specialized in digital marketing and communication software. LianaCEM is a user-friendly platform for agile marketing automation. It's a part of Liana solutions that serve more than 3500 companies around the globe.

EInvoicing Partner

"We simplify and speed up paying and getting paid using end-to-end source-to-pay solutions and services, remove the need for paper invoicing with e-invoicing and help streamline the procurement process."
Basware has operations across over 50 countries on six continents. Basware’s markets include Nordic countries, Europe, Russia, North America and Asia-Pacific.