Stories from Our Customers

Read about how our customers have succeeded with their CRMs. Each story specifies the starting point and needs of the company, the solution for these needs and the integrations implemented for them.

CRM-service functions as an Enterprise Resource Planning system and gathers together all information regarding clients, orders and products.

Industry: Maintenance and installation services

All the communication with the members is carried out in CRM-service, and with automations and integrations, the data about the members stays up to date everywhere.

Industry: Association

CRM-service is a tool for many professionals working across the same data, ensuring the most efficient methods.

Industry: Energy

CRM-service acts as the base for loyalty program, bonus point calculation, pet database and customer service in the group's largest chains.

Industry: Retail

CRM-service combines the data from multiple sources and provides tools for the whole customer and member management.

Industry: Association

Our Customers