Suomen Tilintarkastajat

– Finnish Association of Authorised Public Accountants

Suomen Tilintarkastajat ry, Finnish Association of Authorised Public Accountants, represents all approved auditors in Finland. Over 90 % of all the auditors are members of the Association and the total number of members is about 1 500.

ST-Akatemia Oy is a limited liability company fully owned by the Association and specialized in competence development in the field of financial reporting.

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ST needed to find a solution that would benefit the needs of both organizations: membership and sales management, order processes and educational needs all easily collaborating in one system. The main need was simply to keep the member and customer data close to the products and services they offer and save resources by automating different processes.


The main functionality of ST’s CRM-service is the management of their customer and member registers on the contact level. Their event management is maintained in CRM-service’s Invitation Event Portal, while enrollments can be delivered through member portal or with web-forms. Sales order and invoice management are included in the system, therefore ST can benefit the accumulated data to their targeted marketing purposes. With agile integration methods, online bookshops, accounting, CEM and outsourced product storage unit all get up-to-date information directly from CRM.


Events annually

7 000

Publication orders annually

1 500

Membership Portal users


  • Self-Service Portal for members
  • Training enrollments
  • Online publication management


  • Liana CEM
  • Accounting, Emce Solution Partner Oy
  • Product storage and shipment
  • Online bookshops

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All the communication with the members is carried out in CRM-service, and with automations and integrations, the data about the members stays up to date everywhere.

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CRM-service is a tool for many professionals working across the same data, ensuring the most efficient methods.

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