About Us

The name says it all – CRM-service specializes in cloud-based CRM software and services such as Contact Center tools and various portals. Our mission is to create success for our customers by providing the most customer-oriented solutions along with high-class customer service.

CRM-service was established in 2007 and is privately owned. We are an AA-rated and profitable growth company. Currently we have offices in Jyväskylä and Vantaa, Finland, and in Stockholm, Sweden. Globally we operate together with our business partner network.

The initial spark for creating CRM-service was to provide a CRM that is not just a traditional CRM, but a digital business platform where you can take care of most of the work that usually requires various different services. And that is the journey we continue by developing new innovations and tools for our CRM-service users.” – Mikko Korpela, the Founder of CRM-service

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