The release of the CRM 2.0 beta is coming soon!

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Read about what's new with us and our products, as well as with the wide world of CRM and technology.


Newest Trends for Newsletters

The start of a new decade has brought along new trends for marketing, and not the least for newsletters.


The Outlook Add-in Has Been Updated

Outlook Add-in is now more stable than ever before and complies with the latest information security standards, so that you can be sure that Outlook and CRM stay up to date.


Make Working Quicker

With the Last Viewed function, you can easily return to the ten last entities you have viewed – whether it has been seconds or days since your last visit.


CRM-service Sets Up a Subsidiary Company in Sweden

The office in Stockholm starts its operations on 2.12.2019 and the official name of the company in Sweden will be CRM-service Technologies Sweden AB.


Autumn’s New Features

The CRM makeover is right behind the corner and along with it we have also developed new features for the CRM as well as for its portals and connectors.


CRM Benefits for Sales

CRM can be used for all kinds of different purposes, but it has traditionally been considered as a tool for sales people – which it sure is!


Sneak Peek to CRM2.0

The first drafts of the CRM2.0 are now here. Catch the first glimpse with our video!


Invest in Your Customer Service

Your customer service gets a new kind of boost when it is run close to your customer data.


The New CRM is Coming Your Way

The CRM makeover has started! This year we are concentrating on making our CRM better than ever.


Boost Your Communication

Communication and marketing are a part of every company’s business. This is why CRM-service offers several features for all kinds of needs for communication.

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