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Did you receive an email from

If you have received mail from, then the sender is our customer, who has not yet set up a


The customer forum organised by CRM-service was an event that no one skipped!

On Thursday 18.1.2024, we organised a customer forum for the association and organisation customers of our company. We found the


Build for associations requirements

So simple to use so your employees can concentrate on what counts. Associations are quickly automating their operations; how does


It is acceptable to change

The Finnish CRM-service assists associations in fulfilling their founding mission: to provide services to its members. A CRM that recognises


Proof Advisory: driving international SAAS-growth with research-based knowledge

By partnering with Proof Advisory for a thorough market study, CRM-service built a solid basis for strategic decision making and used the knowledge created for opening their Swedish operation.


With Klienditugi, CRM-service is the Most Used CRM in Estonia

The survey were made to Estonian Business owners to understand their CRM-usage and if the Excel is still used in sales management.


Make Internal Communication Easier

The Discussion field keeps the conversation in its context and easy to return to whenever needed.


New CEO at CRM-service Oy

CRM-service Oy’s Board of Directors has selected a new CEO as of June 1st, 2020. The current Vice President Turkka Yli-Hakala has been appointed as the new CEO of the company.


The Outlook Add-in Has Been Updated

Outlook Add-in is now more stable than ever before and complies with the latest information security standards, so that you can be sure that Outlook and CRM stay up to date.


Make Working Quicker

With the Last Viewed function, you can easily return to the ten last entities you have viewed – whether it has been seconds or days since your last visit.

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