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Associations are now automating their operations at a rapid pace – how does it affect the membership?

The membership services of associations and organizations are now being rapidly automated. This means, among other things, that member management


Many associations are unnecessarily afraid of changing the CRM system

Finnish CRM-service is helping associations in the mission on which they were founded: to produce services for their members. The


General improvements – January and February 2023 updates

Both January and February updates were themed to create fewer clicks and improved features on general features such as filters,


The Possibilities of Using Email Triggers are Expanding – December’s Release Notes

With email triggers, automatic emails can be sent to contacts that have been linked with activities or tickets.


Automatic Deletion of Survey’s Answers – November’s Release Notes

One of the updates is the possibility to schedule an automatic deletion for the answers provided on mass events’ registration forms, in addition to an easier way to delete them manually.


Mass Invoicing in CRM – October’s Release Notes

We are publishing mass invoicing in the CRM’s new interface during the October’s update.


New: Danske Bank Connection – September’s Release Notes

The new connection enables not only getting information about received payments, but also linking them with the correct invoice and customer.


Mikko Rautiainen appointed Senior Consultant

Mikko has previously worked as a CTO of GBC Networks and is one of the company’s founders providing telephone systems and VoIP services.


Proof Advisory: driving international SAAS-growth with research-based knowledge

By partnering with Proof Advisory for a thorough market study, CRM-service built a solid basis for strategic decision making and used the knowledge created for opening their Swedish operation.


Johan Gustafsson Appointed New Country Manager in Sweden

Johan Gustafsson has been appointed as the new Country Manager in Sweden to increase customer satisfaction and market share growth.

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