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Associations are quickly automating their operations; how does this affect members?

Stakeholder relationship management, or CRM, is critical to the operation of any organisation. As for the associations, the CRM system must be easy to use, reliable and enabling reporting, flexible, and interact with the association’s other systems. Little attention has been given to how the associations’ investment in a modern CRM system is visible to the members.

When an association transitions to a modern member management system, how does the member experience change? Turkka Yli-Hakala, CEO of the CRM-service, was asked to name three things.

1. Impact to influence increases

The cloud-based, digital member portal supports two-way communication when a member can connect to the association anywhere. A modern CRM system also makes it simple for the association to conduct surveys or solicit feedback, creating more influencing channels for its members.

Fluent and simple two-way communication helps the association’s operations evolve in the direction its members define. The increase in interaction also strengthens the member’s commitment to the principles and activities of the organisation. A gratifying membership, on the other hand, helps the association’s effective membership acquisition, which ensures the association’s future life.

2. Membership benefits in your pocket

A cloud-based CRM system enables the membership portal, which can be used on mobile or computer. For example, it is significantly more accessible for members to register for the association’s training sessions exactly when they want to. The modern membership portal also functions as an identification channel, similar to the association’s membership card.

3. The quality of membership services will improve

The digital CRM system improves the service provided to members. The two-way nature of communication influences it, the utilisation of the collected information to develop operations, and the characteristic of the CRM system itself. For example, a CRM-service for associations saves the member’s contact and other relevant information, boosting personal service. When an association personnel can immediately view the caller’s membership history, it improves service punctuality. The association’s membership begins to provide targeted value and responds even better to the desires and needs of each member.

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