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It is acceptable to change


The Finnish CRM-service assists associations in fulfilling their founding mission: to provide services to its members. A CRM that recognises the needs of associations brings together the crucial parts of member management and frees up the time of association personnel to generate genuine value for members cost-effectively.

Associations have traditionally struggled to identify suitable technology partners since only a few customise their solutions to associations’ demands. As a result, they often use several systems, one of which manages membership acquisition, another event operation, the third handles invoicing, and so on. This consumes time and money while undermining, for example, systematic data collection to improve the member experience.

A CRM for associations improves the member experience

CRM-service as a company has considered the needs of associations in its development activity. Its technology protects user privacy and guarantees diverse user rights on both regional and local levels. The association can also tailor the CRM-service solution to its needs without incurring additional costs from the solution vendor.

CRM-service’s objective is to be the most sought-after partner in developing the member experience and develop a SaaS-based system for member administration that evolves in real-time based on input from associations. The CRM-service system helps the association’s fundamental mission in various ways. For example, it digitisises and automates operations so that the association can better serve its members.

Membership register

The membership register is crucial to the association’s operations. Its management with CRM-service solution is flexible and straightforward. For example, association personnel can edit or view a visually clear register anywhere. CRM-service’s membership register also supports membership acquisition. You can, for example, call a member who has left the association by simply clicking on their number in the register and selecting whether the call should be connected through a computer or phone.

Portal for members

The member portal’s objective is to consolidate the association’s services behind a single login to the phone and computer. With it, an association member can establish training pathways, attend events, seek legal counsel or inquire about the organisation’s activities, edit their personal information, and contact the organisation at the most convenient time. On the other hand, the association can create a member portal using the CRM-service functionalities of a small online store if necessary.

Member invoicing

According to the invoicing rules, automated invoicing management controls the sending and payment of invoices on behalf of the personnel. With CRM-services solution,  member can conveniently manage their payments in the member portal. The system is adaptable, and each association can distribute membership fees to its members how they wish: by email, letter, or e-invoice.

“Users of all ages and skill levels can use the system for their duties.”


The cloud-based CRM-service solution strengthens multichannel communication. Good communication adds value to members, and many organisations emphasise the necessity of two-way digital communication in their operations. CRM-service, for example, makes it simple to send membership and newsletters, event invitations, and member surveys. Regardless of generation, many of us prefer to conduct business over the phone.

Contact Center

CRM-service’s Contact Center can be concretised as follows: When a member calls, the call is immediately registered in the CRM system. If no one can answer, the callback is saved in the system automatically. Otherwise, the Contact Center directs the call to the correct party using the multi-selection option. The CRM solution automatically recognises the caller from the number, and the respondent is thus aware of the caller’s membership background. Has a member previously contacted you? What kind of issue did the member get help with? Or is the case proceeding now over the phone? The membership service will be well-targeted and efficient.

System change is smooth and agile

Despite the evident benefits of a modern, automated CRM system, some organisations continue to operate in the same manner. Fear of changing the system is one impediment to change. It is anticipated to cause a delay and issues during the changeover phase. It can also be challenging to learn a new system.

CRM-service offers to complete the system upgrade in three months. Because of its outstanding user interface design, the system is simple to learn and operate. The switch to an automated system frees up staff time for things that truly offer value to the membership. Modern membership management register supports the management of association members’ lifecycle cost-effectively in every situation.

Member register

Membership development and – acquisition processes

Member invoicing

Newsletters & Surveys

Event management

Subscription management

Member Portal for enhanced communication

Contact Center


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