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The customer forum organised by CRM-service was an event that no one skipped!


On Thursday 18.1.2024, we organised a customer forum for the association and organisation customers of our company. We found the event to be an excellent example of why it is important to maintain a personal relationship with your customers, even in the age of digital customer relationships.

CRM service has a long history of providing a versatile solution for the management of memberships and other activities for associations and organisations. The idea for the customer forum came from our active customers, and it gave us a unique opportunity to discuss our system from a completely new perspective, in an environment where associations and organisations could network and exchange best practices in an active discussion. The discussion at the event was so lively that it was sometimes difficult to navigate the discussion from one topic to the next.

While digital channels offer a fast and convenient way to communicate, they can never replace face-to-face interaction.  Customers need to feel that they are heard and understood as individuals, not just as a number or a statistic.

Personal interaction and an understanding of the needs of our customers continue to be key to the services we provide. The customer forum provided us with valuable insights into how we can develop our product to meet the needs of associations and organisations better.

Thanks again to everyone who attended for their valuable time!

participants of the customer forum

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