Move Forward

Take control of your customer experience. CRM-service is a fully-featured cloud-based Customer Relationship Management service with highly scalable features.

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Elegantly Simple with Advanced Features

The CRM-service consists of many versatile and comprehensive features of the highest quality for selected industries.


Value to Your Members

CRM-service is much more than just a member register. Get rid of all the unnecessary hassle with modern and easy-to-use digital tools to better meet the needs of your members.

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Adjustable to Your Needs

CRM-service is widely used across industries in B2B and B2C businesses. The versatile tools and functions enable taking the customership management to a whole new level.

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Customer Success

Making sure that you can keep growing.

Speed of Light

Manage your business and customer data with swift performance.

Smooth User Experience

Make your everyday life more efficient.

Building the Future

CRM-service is the perfect solution to reach the next level and stay on top of your game.


CRM-service can be used from enterprise-level companies to small businesses. Manage millions of data records with a lightning-fast performance.


Our security model focuses in all aspects of the field including physical, data transfer, application and backup security.


Connect freely or activate Connectors - CRM-service has REST-based inbound Web Service APIs and a handful of Connectors.


Take care of the contacting points in your customer life cycle with CRM-service portals such as Contact Center (inbound and outbound calls) and customer portal for self-service needs.

GDPR Compliance

The CRM-service system is 100% compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation.

Customer Service

Our professional support team will help with any matters regarding the CRM system.

We have had great success in using CRM data with other applications and in self-service purposes.