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Drive the Lightning

Fastest all-in-one CRM on the market, that enables Sales Force Automation, Customer Management Automation, Support, Project Management and Invoicing, with Product and Warehouse Management. CRM-service is the perfect business solution when performance matters.

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Reach the Next Business Level

Fully featured web-based Customer Relationship Management with numerous different features. Benefit from the CRM-service cloud services and take control of your work experience.

Flexible solution

Make your workflows more efficient. Highly flexible configuration options allow you to use only the features you need. Enabling features is as simple as clicking a button. CRM-service looks and works exactly as wanted with just a few clicks.

Easy to start

The Software as a Service model allows you to quickly deploy a service. All software and infrastructure are hosted in our secure data centers. With our agile project methods, you can start using the CRM instantly.

"Drive the Lightning"

Choose a system, which covers the needs of your business processes and provides the fastest user experience on the market. Manage your business and customer data with a swift performance.

World of CRM

CRM-service is widely used across the industries in B2B and B2C businesses, remodeling the world of CRM. The versatile tools and functions enable taking the Customership Management and Sales Force Automation to a whole new level.

> 20 000

CRM-service users

The system is being used in over 50 countries in hundreds of different companies.

> 90%

of the systems are expanding

Large amount of our customers are expanding their CRM usage.

< 0,6 s

Average response time

Logging in, using, saving, clicking here and there takes no time at all.

Elegantly Simple with Advanced Features

The CRM-service consists of many versatile and comprehensive features of the highest quality. You can choose to use them all or just the ones you need to improve and ease your everyday work experience.

Sales Pipe

Excellent tools for salespeople to follow their own sales performance and forecasts from leads to sales.

Project Management

Efficient and organized. Information about the project's workflow will reach directly the project leader and the company's CEO level, keeping everything under control.

Advanced Reporting

The system contains practically an unlimited amount of numeral reports that can be manually created, saved and published by the users.

Business Intelligence

Choose freely from tens of different predefined dashboards the ones that give you the most business value. Our Business Intelligence is powered by QlikSense technology.

Contact Center – Outbound

The Contact Center includes all the tools needed for carrying out phone campaigns, including activity tracking, reporting, QA analysis and so on.

WordPress Connector

With the WordPress Connector, you can create leads or potentials directly to your sales, support or marketing pipeline.

We like the thought that there's no need to do company-specific tailoring and all the development benefits the whole CRM-service community.

Riikka-Maria Lemminki, CEO

We have had great success in using CRM data with other applications and in self-service purposes.

Maija Sillanpää, Customer Experience Manager, Suomen Tilintarkastajat ry