Marketing Finland

Marketing Finland is a non-profit marketing network of 400 member companies. They educate and further the interests of their members and help them to network.

The association is a part of the World Federation of Advertisers, which represents the companies that spend over 90 % of the money used for advertising in the world.

Marketing Finland is formerly known as Mainostajien Liitto (The Association of Finnish Advertisers).

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Earlier Marketing Finland used customized CRM technology, which did not support modern sales and marketing. The system's maintenance was also coming to an end.

We compared many CRM solutions available on the market, but none of them felt appropriate for a modern association. The upkeep of an extensive member registry, constant communication with the members, monitoring the members' activity and the online selling of our training and books were the critical points for us, and for which we needed to find a technical solution”, says Riikka-Maria Lemminki, the CEO of Marketing Finland.


Marketing Finland had determined the most important needs for their CRM system and on top of these, some nice-to-have features. Most of these were already available in CRM-service. The association can carry out all their digital communication with their members in CRM-service, including also the automatic sending of printed messages. The system also supports the enrichment of the member data via phone interviews and surveys.

A special addition to the system is the member portal provided by CRM-service, named as the Marketing Toolkit. The portal has links to guides and a law database, and the members can also sign up for training organized by the association there.

A WooCommerce connector links the CRM with a web store for training and publications. Also the Talenom financial management software used by the association has been connected to the system. A few new features were developed for the needs of Marketing Finland, and they also benefit other CRM-service users.


Training events annually

1 500

Customer companies

We like the thought that there's no need to do company-specific tailoring and all the development benefits the whole CRM-service community. A great advantage to us is also that the system is developed constantly, and we don't need to pay for system update versions.

Riikka-Maria Lemminki , CEO


  • Member portal linked to a data bank
  • Systematic customer data segmentation
  • Versatile and automated communication

Portals and Integrations

  • Self-Service Portal
  • Contact Center telemarketing tool
  • Email Marketing Portal
  • Talenom financial management connector
  • WooCommerce connector

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CRM-service combines the data from multiple sources and provides tools for the whole customer and member management.

Industry: Association

CRM-service acts as the base for loyalty program, bonus point calculation, pet database and customer service in the group's largest chains.

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