Systematic Value for Your Members

CRM-service offers a one-system solution that is designed especially for the needs of

  • associations
  • AMCs
  • foundations
  • and other membership organisations.

With CRM-service, you can manage everything from member acquisition to events or invoicing, all in just one system. No need for jumping between apps or software!

Membership Management

Acquiring members and managing memberships has never been easier. Long gone are the days of shuffling through stacks of paper sign-up forms and searching for a piece of information like a needle from a haystack. With CRM-service, all the data is in one place and you can easily filter out the information you need. By automating your processes, you can also make your workload considerably lighter. Rest assured that all the information stays safe and sound and up to date with no hassle.

Member Register

The heart of your business is also the heart of your CRM. Keep all the information of your members in order and always available when needed. With a comprehensive 360┬║ view, you can see everything concerning the member with just a quick glance.

Advisory Services

Help and advice always at your members' fingertips. Make your support processes fully transparent with the help of the Contact Center for services over the phone and the Member Portal for written communication.

Member Acquisition

Stay on top of the game. In the CRM, it is easy to combine and manage member acquisition processes carried out in the internet, on events, face-to-face, over the phone and so on.

The Member Portal

Grant your members an access to a portal, where they can e.g. sign up for events, manage their invoices, keep track of their training and events they have attended, and update their contact information.

Training and Events

Gather registrations for events or training more easily than ever before. You can manage the life cycle of an event all the way from planning the event to invoicing the attendees. With surveys, you can also ask for feedback on the events.

Member Invoicing

Manage the invoicing process right there where all the information is. Whether the delivery method the member prefers is email, letter or e-Invoice, we've got you covered.


Keep an open line of communication with your members. Plan and build visually stunning newsletters and marketing emails with our tools, or manage good old phone calls with our Contact Center. Whichever channel of communication you and your members prefer, we've got your back.


Create engaging newsletters and email them effortlessly to a certain group or all members. With an HTML editor, only the sky is the limit.

Phone Services

Manage both incoming and outgoing calls while taking advantage of the CRM data with the CRM-service Contact Center tools.


Do you need feedback on your latest event or wish to check if the members' contact information need updating? Not to worry, surveys are just the tool for you.

Advisory Services

In addition to phone calls, you can provide advisory services for your members in the Member Portal. There the communication is saved for the member to see and return to whenever needed.

Text Messages

A text message is an efficient tool of communication and with the CRM, sending a message to hundreads of members takes no longer than just a few clicks.

Internal Communication

Efficient communication inside your own organization is also extremely important. With the CRM's discussion feature, you can easily leave comments about members, invoices, events, etc. and discuss them with your co-workers.


Do it once, do it a thousand times. The automatic functions in the CRM makes your everyday work a whole lot easier. Send out surveys automatically after a training course or remind your members to pay their membership fees. Just sit back and relax, once you have determined your own automated processes, the system will do the work for you.

Open REST API Interface

With open integration possibilities and third-party connectors, you can use your CRM data together with other software important to you, like accounting or a web shop. Our graphical interface for REST makes the use easy for the developers.


Learn more about your members or ask for valuable feedback. The answers are immediately available in the CRM for e.g. reporting or updating contact information automatically.


Invoicing the members doesn't have to be time-consuming. In the CRM, you can create automatically recurring invoices for e.g. membership fees, and also automatize sending the invoices.

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