Invitation Events

One important part of the Self Service Portal is to enable enrolling for training or other invitation events. Your customer can log in to the portal and select the events they are interested in. These events can be for example billable training, free networking events or internal company’s internal happenings. The customer can always see their history and their upcoming events.


The information about the event can always be determined for each separate event. This way the customer that has logged in can see detailed information about the event and can base the decision to attend on that.

You can also link a questionnaire to the events to ensure, that you get all the needed information about each attendee. A default questionnaire can be used for all events or you can create unique questionnaires.

The user will receive automatic registration confirmation emails that have the same looks as all your company's other emails.

User Information

User information management is part of the user's own profile settings. You can freely decide, which information can be updated by the customer.

The users can be sorted into different profiles, and then e.g. the company management may have access to manage the company's users and company information, see which users have enrolled for which events and see the whole invoicing history.

Basic features of the Self-Service portal

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