Facilitate the information flow and your as well as your customers’ everyday life. By providing your customers with a Self-Service Portal, you can give the customers an access to their company’s or personal information. In addition to just seeing the information, you can also allow them to update and modify the data, and the changes made flow directly back to the CRM as well. It is also possible set up a variety of other functionalities for the portal; for example that the customers can make purchases or sign up for training or events on the portal. Build up the portal to best suit your needs!

Updating the Information

The user can edit their own or their company's contact information on the portal and this way the essential data stays up to date with minimum effort.

The fields that can be seen or edited by the customer are always determined on the CRM. You can also create separate portal profiles for the customers' users and grant access to information based on them - for example the company managers might have access to edit the information and the employees only view them.

Transparent Billing

Allow all or certain user profiles an access to their billing history. In addition to the past invoices, the customer can also view their upcoming ones. With the portal, the invoices never "magically disappear" and the billing process stays transparent.

Signing Up for Events

You can expand the use of the Self-Service Portal by publishing information about upcoming events or trainings on it. The customer can also easily register or cancel their registration for these events on the portal.

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