Email Marketing

Efficient and beautiful email campaigns with little effort. The Email Marketing Portal includes all the tools you need for creating and sending reader-friendly emails and reporting recipients’ response and behaviour.

  • Visual HTML editor
  • Picture bank
  • Surveys
  • Statistics
  • Stream the data with CRM

Create engaging emails

With HTML editor you can do awesome things! Design the emails the way they best meet your current needs.

More information with zero attachments - build a separate landing page to provide more information while keeping the actual email short and simple.

Dig a little deeper with surveys

Link a survey to the email to learn more about your customers or to get valuable feedback on your services.

Follow up with the reporting tools

Stay on top of the game by knowing who has read the email and when, and have they clicked the links attached to it. Use the information then to improve your emails and campaign strategies.

Other Features That Might Interest You

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WordPress Connector

With the WordPress Connector, you can create leads or potentials directly to your sales, support or marketing pipeline.

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Use the full account and contact database of the CRM to form campaigns with needed criteria and content.


Text message marketing is an efficient tool for sales and communication. After specifying a target group, you can simply click and send the message for hundreds of recipients at once.