Form campaigns for just the right contacts or customer segments. The formed campaigns can be utilized in several different ways. At their simplest, the campaigns can be used for managing and planning customer projects. They are also important while using the Email Marketing Portal, since the recipients of the emails are determined with campaigns.

The calling campaigns on the Contact Center are also formed as CRM campaigns and in addition, it is possible to keep the account and customer data updated simultaneously while contacting customers with the real-time update possibility from the Contact Center to the CRM data.

Other Features That Might Interest You

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WordPress Connector

With the WordPress Connector, you can create leads or potentials directly to your sales, support or marketing pipeline.


Text message marketing is an efficient tool for sales and communication. After specifying a target group, you can simply click and send the message for hundreds of recipients at once.

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Email Marketing

Segmented communication, newsletters etc. with comprehensive statistics. The ultimate visual email marketing tools to wow your customers.