CRM-service provides several integration methods. Integration can be automatized by using Web Service APIs or the data can be transferred through CSV and Excel files. Users can import CSV and Excel files using easy-to-use importing interfaces. Multiple generic integrations are provided to main accounting companies located in Finland.

The Web Service APIs provide online access to your CRM data. CRM-service includes the REST-based inbound Web Service APIs along with SOAP.

The Web Services APIs allow integration between CRM-service and third party applications. You can have your own back-end systems to communicate with the CRM in real time. You can search, create and update entities in different modules. Inbound Web Service APIs, secure real time integration, different API keys for different web services are included features. The API keys are managed in admin settings by the CRM’s admin users.

CRM-service connectors


CRM-service has several connectors ready to be activated. With the connectors, you can connect CRM with other service solutions and get the important data to your CRM or use it from CRM.

With the connectors, you can offer versatile services and tools for your customers and to your employees.

We actively build new connectors and configure the old ones as the services and products develop.

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Customer Relationship Management

Tools for efficient and fun customer management. Imagine the new possibilities having all the data managed in one system.

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CRM-service can be used from enterprise-level companies to small businesses. Manage millions of data records with a lightning-fast performance.

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Our security model focuses in all aspects of the field including physical, data transfer, application and backup security.