Contact Center

For Inbound and Outbound

Contact Center Application is an easy-to-use solution for managing incoming calls. The features of the application include:

  • Call groups and agents’ statuses
  • Call group recordings (welcome messages, waiting music etc.)
  • Interactive voice response (IVR)
  • Call monitoring
  • Callbacks and call history
  • Routing and forwarding the calls
  • Admin functions for managing the call groups.

Monitoring the Incoming Calls

Take advantage of the CRM data. Contact Center Application identifies the caller by the phone number saved in the CRM and shows their information to the agent. The call history of an identified caller is also updated in the CRM right away.

If the phone number is unknown, the agent can create a new contact in the CRM during the call or right after it.

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IVR Functionalities

All the features you need for advanced call management. Forward the caller immediately to the right skilled person for example based on the language, field or industry (invoicing, technical support etc...).

With call groups, business hours and status configurations you will never miss a call and your customer satisfaction increases.

Settings for Admins

With the easy graphical setting panel, the admin user can make the changes for all needed fields.
• Call group business hours
• Call group names
• Agents in call groups
• Agent’s status options
• Call categories
• Managing the call results
• Setting the call sequence for each call group

Available for Desktop and Mobile

Contact Center works where you need it to. Answer calls effortlessly with the desktop application and stay reachable where ever you are with the mobile version.

Contact Center is currently available for desktop (Windows & Mac) and Android and iOS phones.

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A fully featured solution for contacting customers by phone, that is easy to introduce and apply for daily use. The focus of the portal is to meet the daily needs of the agents in their tasks and enable them to keep track of their progress in co-operation with other agents.

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