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Proof Advisory: driving international SAAS-growth with research-based knowledge


CRM-service a growing Finnish software-as-a-service CRM provider is looking to expand in the Nordic market. By partnering with Proof Advisory for a thorough market study, CRM-service built a solid basis for strategic decision making and used the knowledge created for opening their Swedish operation.

CRM-service is known for their cloud-based customer relationships management system, which scales according to the needs of clients ranging from small and medium enterprise to non-profit organizations, all the way to multinational corporations. The solution contains a wide range of tools, from managing customer data to targeted sales, reporting and business development.

The features most appreciated by customers are high reliability and excellent usability, low cost of adoption and ownership, as well as the security provided by constant updates. Additionally CRM- service offers easy integration to other systems and effortless reporting.

Goal: gain research-based knowledge for growth in the Nordic market

CRM-service has built a solid growth story successfully in Finland, and now they are targeting the Swedish market. To successfully enter and grow in a new market, they wanted solid, research-based knowledge about local purchasing behaviours, competitors and other unique factors. What would be the relevant competitive advantages to highlight in marketing, and what channels should CRM- service emphasise to speed up sales?

Execution: a broad market study to build both knowledge and new insights into the commercial opportunity

Proof proposed a broad market study focusing on CRM-service’s selected target segment: non- profits in the professional associations, trade associations and other third sector organizations. The study collected knowledge and new insights into the decision-making process of CRM purchasers, attitudes regarding competitors and the views of potential customers regarding their current CRM solutions and future expectations.

The market study included three elements:

1. Mapping the Swedish competitive market

Proof built an understanding of which local and international CRM solutions were most commonly used in the Swedish market, and which solutions were increasing market share or being outpaced by competition. The study included interviews with experts in different roles, and helped CRM-service understand the key differences between the Finnish and Swedish markets. Target group: consultants, purchasing consultants, system integrators in Sweden

2. Customer experiences

Building a clear understanding about current needs, hopes and real experiences with CRM systems and integrators from CRM-services target segment. Target group: CRM decision makers and administrators in the Swedish market

3. Analysis of CRM providers

Identifying the competitive advantages of CRM-service in the Swedish market by identifying the capabilities, pricing and strategic focus of competing CRM providers. 

Benefits for CRM-service

”Our collaboration with Proof Advisory gave us a solid basis for prioritizing our efforts in opening our Swedish operation. The knowledge generated by the market study is a strong tool for our new country director in Sweden”, says the CEO of CRM-service, Turkka Yli-Hakala.

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