Musti Group

Musti Group is the leading pet care specialist in the Nordic countries and the fourth largest pet supply provider in the whole Europe. The roots of the group date back to 1988, when the first Musti ja Mirri store was established.

Musti Group consists of several chain stores and webstores in the Nordics, including Musti ja Mirri (Finland), Arken Zoo (Sweden) and Musti (Norway). There are around 260 physical storefronts in total.

The company’s mission is to make the furry everyday life of pets easier, safer and more fun.

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Musti Group's growing and evolving needs required a very agile system, whose high availability level would enable all B2C actions regarding customer management and customer loyalty program bonus calculation. The chains in the group were using several separate CRM instances which had integrations between them. For Musti Group's needs this was too unwieldy, so they needed a better solution.


The separate, country-specific CRM instances were merged into one group-level CRM system. The shared CRM is now more stable and easier to use, and it can be scaled more effortlessly in the future: as the company grows, the system can be easily introduced in new business areas.

For Musti Group CRM-service is not just a traditional CRM, but it plays a key role in the whole group's system architecture. The CRM acts as the base for loyalty program, bonus point calculation, pet database and customer service in the group's largest chains. All the purchases made by loyal customers in the stores and webstores are saved in CRM-service, so the number of invoice rows rapidly increases the amount of data.

The customer loyalty program combines pets and their owners into households. Loyal customers are awarded with bonus points which reflect the purchases the household has made. The pets are the heart of the business – therefore by knowing the pets the company can better fulfill their needs. Customer satisfaction is also vital in a strong B2C company. For instance, different kinds of survey answers are saved directly in the CRM, where they are immediately available for further actions.

Musti Group's Musti ja Mirri and their CRM have been evolving together with CRM-service since 2013.

Customers and pets are the core of our multi-channeled business, so as a customer relationship management system CRM-service has a significant role for us. The flexibility and scalability of the system are clear advantages, which enable us to serve our customers better than before in our growing business.

Marjaana Putro , Solution Manager for Customer Solutions, Musti Group Oy


  • Pet register
  • Bonus calculation
  • Reclamation process


  • Cash registery
  • QlikView analytics
  • Emarsys marketing integration

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