Finelec is a forerunner in the field of laundry devices, domestic appliances and in sales, maintenance, and installations of reservation systems for premises.

The company imports Danish-made Nortec laundry devices and reservation systems.

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Finelec needed a system for Enterprise Resource Planning. In order to make their records as extensive as possible, the company wanted all data considering both clientele and tasks to be located in one place. The sales, maintenance and installation records are focal in predicting future maintenance measures and acquisitions.


CRM-service gathers all the information Finelec needs considering clientele, orders, and products. Retaining information in a centralized way allows Finelec's staff to know which devices a client has in use, which services have last been offered and which actions taken in any given premises. This streamlines their business and enhances customer satisfaction.

Inventory balances are also monitored in the CRM. Balances change inside CRM through purchase and sales orders, which generate sales records. These records provide means to precisely manage with knowledge – e.g., by recognizing necessary acquisition and maintenance needs.

For Finelec, having an operational reporting also plays a notable role, since premises reservations are covered by certain statutory reportage obligations. With reporting tools provided by CRM-service, Finelec can combine data from around CRM and compose reports on premises reservations, inventories and customer-specific tasks.


Deployment Year of CRM

11 000

Yearly work orders


Products' Management

Using CRM-service gives us undisputed competitive advantage: all the information we need can be used effectively within the same system.

Jarno Pekkinen , CEO

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All the communication with the members is carried out in CRM-service, and with automations and integrations, the data about the members stays up to date everywhere.

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