Alexela Group

Alexela Group is a holding company that gathers companies related to the same circle of owners over the last two decades into the uniform structure of Alexela Group as the umbrella organization. The company operates in three areas: energy, metal industry and property development. 

Alexela Group current total turnover is over 200 million Euros. The group employs more than 1 200 people. 

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Alexela's business goal was to merge the customer base of Alexela Energy and Oil, so that customer lifecycle would be transparent throughout the Group. The system had to be efficient. One of the main priorities of Alexela was to keep data access, sales, marketing, and customer service transparent throughout the organization. 


The CRM-service system serves as a data storage and data management instance, in which both companies can operate mutually. With BI reports provided to the management team, the whole life cycle of customership is easy to analyze. CRM-service is a tool for multiple different professionals working across the same data ensuring the most efficient methods. CRM gathers together sales, plans, offers, contracts, transition actions, marketing and so on.

It was quite easy to learn how to use CRM-service, everything is logical. I do not get so excited about new IT systems, but this CRM is an exception.

Marek Miller, Sales Manager, Alexela Oil AS

With CRM-service, Alexela has been able to continue and grow the internal usage of the product since 2010 and will soon be extending to loyalty membership and bonus calculation.

125 000

Consumption places

9 000 000

Receipts annually

150 000

Newsletters sent out montly

The co-operation with CRM-service has been superb regarding the fact that the challenge and task of multiple ERPs and their developers from Alexela's side
has not been too easy. Together and in close co-operation we have outcome the highest mountain.

Kristo Kokk , Retail Development Manager, Alexela Oil AS



  • Contract management
  • Private and company card register
  • Receipt enters in real time from cash transactions
  • Large data volumes


  • Multiple two-way integrations to ERP systems

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CRM-service acts as the base for loyalty program, bonus point calculation, pet database and customer service in the group's largest chains.

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CRM-service combines the data from multiple sources and provides tools for the whole customer and member management.

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