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Contact Center Product family

All Inclusive Contact Center

Clear User Interface

Simple, modern and a clear with all necessary functions on one view.


Reporting in the Contact Center or by using the data in the CRM or in BI.

Advanced Management Settings

Admin setting panels are easy to use and manage.

Inbound and the IVR

Automatic Response

Welcome your customers with pre-recorded messages and choose a waiting music.

Skill-Based Routing

Make it easier for the customer and forward the call straight to the right skilled agent - e.g. "Choose 1 for English, 2 in German...".

Call Queueing

Keep the customer on hold until an agent becomes available.

Forwarding the Calls

Forward the call to any number: to another agent, a mobile phone number or out-of-the-office number.

Desktop Notifications

An alert of an incoming call will pop up on the agent's screen and the agent can answer with just one click.


The customer can leave callback request and all the agents in the call group can return the call.

Call History

See the call times, contact's and agent's names and listen to the call recordings.

Record the Calls

Don't miss any information and learn from the calls. One record can be cut into sections ad hoc during the call.

Identify the Caller

If the caller number is saved to the CRM the agents will immediately see the name, title, and company before answering the call.

Save Contacts

Create contacts from unknown numbers to enrich your data and know more about your customers.

Choose the Outbound Caller ID

Agents can have multiple outbound caller IDs and they change the active ID at any point.

Agent Status

The agent can choose their status: e.g. active, busy, on lunch, on holiday. Status options can be edited in the admin settings.

Call Center Telecontacting


Click the number and start the call immediately.

Record the Calls

Don't lose any information - when there is a record of the call, the agent can always go back to double-check.


You can set up scripts and surveys for campaigns to support the agents in their calls.

Booking Meetings

The agents can browse and book meetings in the calendars of others.

Email Material Packages

Design material packages that can be sent by the agent during calls.

Call Notes

Agent can freely write notes about the call.

Use the CRM Data

Call Center uses the data from your CRM and vice versa: you can use the Contact Center data for e.g. reporting in the CRM.

Filtering and Sorting

The agent can filter and sort the list of contacts by different fields and values.

Communication History

See the history of the contact - when agents have tried to reach them; notes, surveys etc. about them...

Agent's Home Page

On their own homepage, the agent can easily see statistics about their calls and their active callbacks.

Admin Settings

Call Groups

The agent can belong to more than one call group and always still know to which group the active call came to.

Custom Fields

Add fields to meet the needs of the agents' everyday work.

Business Hours

Configure business hours for each call group.

Holiday Routing

In the case of absence of holders of direct numbers, the calls can be routed to other numbers, e.g. the main call queue.

Call Results

Choose the active call results or create new ones for each group or campaign.

Forwarding the No-Answer Calls

Don't miss any calls, after a certain time the call can be forwarded to another number if the number holder is unable to answer.

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