Electronic signing makes makes managing documents easier and faster

With electronic signing the whole signing process from managing documents to saving signed ones can be taken care of within CRM. Electronic signature is a modern, juridically binding and above all fast procedure for digitalizing contracts and signing documents. By introducing electronic signing you save both time and environment, as all physical documentation and its handling disappear. Documents are sent for signing through the system and all the process requires is a functioning terminal, an Internet connection and an identification. Any document in PDF format can be signed electronically.

With us activating electronic signing requires no separate agreement, for it is included in the valid contract.

The benefits of electronic signing

  1. No more paperwork and lost documents – and a simultaneous environmental act due to digital documentation
  2. Electronic signature speeds up the signing process
  3. Managing signed documents is both safe and convenient
  4. Signing process can be monitored real-time
  5. You can personally choose the identification method used for identifying the signing parties

The electronic signing process

1. Choose the required customer contacts whose signatures are needed.
2. Choose identification methods for contacts and for the launcher of signing process.
3. Choose and upload the documents included in the signing process.
4. Send out the documents to be signed for.
5. Sit back and relax – the signatures are managed electronically and that’s it.
The system demonstrates who has signed and whose signature lacks.
When all assignees have signed, you receive a notification and the process is complete!