The release of the CRM 2.0 beta is coming soon!

Sales Pipe

Manage and follow the sales all the way from leads to contracts.

The Sales Pipe provides vital information about the sales process, including the assigned salesperson, sales phase, Wallet Share area, probability and sales value.

The sales process can be reported and followed using the versatile reporting tools, by either examining the big picture or focusing only on certain phases of the sales pipe. The customer data is managed on different modules along the way, including Potentials, Quotes, Orders and Contracts.

Build your own Sales Pipe


Bring the contact reguest dirctly to your CRM and manage the leads as one their own unit.


With the CRM-servicen Contact Center -solution calendars of the salesteam are filled with booking by calling agents.


Manage the different type of activities and tasks. Set up alerts, reminds and automatic calendar events.


Follow the sales process by different stages. Link any others sales related deeds and keep all data tight up in the same place.


Fill-up all needed information, add the products and CRM will count the price and you can do the needed adjustments like discount.

Sales orders

An accepted quote is easy to convert as a sales order. Orders can be recurring or just unique order.


Send out invoices about products, orders or hours. Invoices can be created manually or converted automatically from orders or workhours entered on projects.


Managing the contacts in the CRM gives you the benefit of up and cross sales, customer satisfaction and churn.

Manage and follow

Homepage reports

All needed statistics are right on the homepage of the CRM.


Set up targets od product, euro or by pieces. targets can be set up to sales and to activities.

Compose reports

Compose AdHoc list reports with versatile functions like counting and grouping. Report templates can be shared with other users.

Business Intelligence

Build-in Qlik Sense -technology based reporting tool gives the ultimate opportunities to see the overall picture and drill down to data from different angles.


Plan out the budget and compare it to the outcome.


Manage the commission logic and follow the realization. Gather the information and share to payout.

Enrich with additional features

Document templates

Use the company brand image with the document templates. The document will be filled out as a PDF automatically according to the data from CRM.


Define what reminders you want on the CRM homepage or as an e-mail. For example overdue quotes or upcoming tasks.

Customer automations

Create segmented automated calendar activities to the sales team member according to example the customer hasn't had any action for 3 months or send the e-mail directly to the customer.

Automatic surveys

With the surveys, you reach out all the way to the feedback and collect important information about products, services, and employees directly from the customers.


Segment the data and learn the customer value from any point of the customer life cycle like potential and purchase history.

Other Features That Might Interest You


Follow up the whole new sales acquisition process with the all-powerful Contact Center.

User Workflow

Sales orders trigger automations and segment based sales reminders for the whole sales team and individual users.


Several different calendar, activity and sales competition views enable a clear sales force management.