Personal Home Page

Each user can set up their home page to show the information most relevant to them. With different calendar and listing views, the user can keep themselves informed about the meetings, events or deadlines.

The home page charts and numerical tables also help the user to follow the current situation of for example their recent quotes or potentials, see the overall progress of campaigns or see the invoicing statistics from last year.

Stay on Top of the Game with Charts

Home page charts can be created for versatile needs. Build a bar chart to show the invoicing from the past six months, follow your realized quotes against the target values and create other statistics about anything important to you.

You can use information from almost any CRM module and choose the way the data is presented between a traditional pie chart, a stacked chart, a table, and so on.

What Information Do You Need the Most?

You will face the home page after every log in. The home page is every user's own, so make it meet your own needs. Add a calendar to show your own or your sales group's activities, a widget for work hour reporting or a note pad for quick notes.

You can also create widgets and share them with all the users in a certain sales group.

Other Features That Might Interest You

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Advanced Reporting

The system contains practically an unlimited amount of numeral reports that can be manually created, saved and published by the users.

Graphical Statistics

With understandable graphical visualizations, the user will be able to examine the current situation on the followed topic on their own home page.

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Business Intelligence

Choose freely from tens of different predefined dashboards the ones that give you the most business value. Our Business Intelligence is powered by QlikSense technology.