Business Intelligence

Dig a little deeper and get the most information out of your data. With the Business Intelligence module, you can analyze the CRM data from different perspectives extremely thoroughly and use the comprehensive reports to update your business strategies.

The technology is based on the market’s leading BI technology QlikSense.


Visual reporting

Leave no stone unturned with Business Intelligence reporting!

With the BI add-in, it is possible to analyze the CRM data from different perspectives - from the big picture all the way to the tiniest details.

Using the BI reporting is seamless and the reports can be placed in several places in the CRM, depending on where they serve you the best.

Other Features That Might Interest You

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Advanced Reporting

The system contains practically an unlimited amount of numeral reports that can be manually created, saved and published by the users.

Graphical Statistics

With understandable graphical visualizations, the user will be able to examine the current situation on the followed topic on their own home page.

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Personal Home Page

Customize the view on every user's home page; get highlights and set up goals.