All data around the company and contact can be segmented and used. Use the customer purchase behavior, invoice amounts and other information to get your customers in the right segments. Hot leads to V.I.P.

Focus on and reach only the right customers and contacts by creating and using different target groups. With versatile condition possibilities, you can determine the group carefully and focus for example campaigns, quotes or emails for them. Below there are a few examples of segmentations and how they are determined.

CRM-service segmentation

Example: The CEOs and CTOs of the accounts

The target is to make a group of contacts, that are either CEOs or CTOs in their company, for example for communication or marketing purposes. The group can be determined by creating conditions, that only those contacts, that have either 'CEO' or 'CTO' as their title, are included in the group.

CRM-service segmentation

Example: Purchase history

This kind of a group might come in handy when e.g. you would like to get feedback on a certain product or service. The group can be determined by creating such conditions, that the contact that will be included in the group must be linked to a sales order, which 1. has the specified product in it, 2. is in 'Approved' status and 3. had a due date last month.

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User Workflow

Sales orders trigger automations and segment based sales reminders for the whole sales team and individual users.