Project Management

Manage your projects easily in CRM-service. You can set schedules and financial targets, and then compare the forecasts with the actual numbers. You have working hour registration and expense reporting to use with travel costs and reimbursements. With Gantt charts you can easily compare the timing of the projects. You can use project tasks and billing functionalities to make the process easy to manage.

Working hour registration

Follow, register and invoice the working hours easily by different tasks. The employees can follow their hours compared to the target.

Other Features That Might Interest You


Learn and evolve. Set up the budget for the project, follow it and calculate the profitability.

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Working Hour Registration

See-through and beneficial for the users themselves to keep track of overtimes and project hour estimation budgets.


Create, edit and invoice project expenses directly on the project with a flexible selection of time periods, users, project phase rows and more.