Automatic Recurring

Make recurring invoicing a little easier with simple automation functions. There are a few different ways to build up the automatic invoicing, depending on your business needs. It is possible to create monthly or annual invoices with the same fees about the same services or products for the customer straight from sales orders.

Other cases might not be as straightforward with variation in services or fees on the invoices. Recurring invoices can also be created automatically based on e.g. working hours or other entries on projects at needed intervals.

In addition to automatic invoice creation – and possibly automatic sending – you can also create automatic reminders about the unpaid invoices for the customers.

Other Features That Might Interest You

Take Advantage of the Statistics

Approach the data and sort it, sum it, follow it and send it out from the CRM as wished. No field or information is left behind.


With open source API keys, you can choose a partner for accounting and connecting the data flow from CRM in real time.

Invoicing Channels

Letter, e-invoice or email. Your customer chooses the method and CRM delivers the invoice while being loyal to your company's image.