We will guide you to be the master of your company’s CRM. Our training packages are designed to cover different levels of users. The Admin training includes going through the settings and the CRM features. The Basic user training is always designed and provided in co-operation with the company’s own admin user.

Training Packages

Basic Admin Training 4h

Learn the basic admin tools – such as the field settings, permissions and adding users – and get to know all basic features the CRM provides.

Advanced Admin Training 4h

Learn to master the automation processes and dynamicities, along with the features that will make expanding your CRM usage fast and easy.

Methods for Gathering Customer Feedback Workshop 4h

Workshop-styled training in which the CRM-service questionnaire tools are taken into use with the admin users.

Email Marketing 2h (+ 2h)

Get in business with sending out newsletters from the CRM Email Marketing Portal. With an additional 2h workshop there is also time to build up test emails and send them. The training is targeted for Email Marketing Portal users and Admin users.

Contact Center 2h

The target of this training session is to familiarize the admin users with the professional use of the Contact Center: to set up campaigns, activate agents and much more.

CRM-service professionals