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Smarter CRM


Why would you do the same tasks over and over again and try to keep in mind all the tiniest details of your processes, when the CRM could do that for you?

With the system’s smart functions, you

  • save time
  • stay up to date and
  • show caring and punctuality to your customers.

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Other news

Mikko Rautiainen appointed Senior Consultant


Mikko Rautiainen started as a Senior Consultant on October 27th. Mikko has previously worked as a CTO of GBC Networks

Proof Advisory: driving international SAAS-growth with research-based knowledge


CRM-service a growing Finnish software-as-a-service CRM provider is looking to expand in the Nordic market. By partnering with Proof Advisory

Heini Lahtoniemi Appointed Head of Customer Success


Heini Lahtoniemi took over as Head of Customer Success on October 4th.