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Smarter CRM

March 5, 2019

Why would you do the same tasks over and over again and try to keep in mind all the tiniest details of your processes, when the CRM could do that for you?

With the system’s smart functions, you

  • save time
  • stay up to date and
  • show caring and punctuality to your customers.

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Other news

Autumn’s New Features

November 12, 2019

The CRM makeover is right behind the corner and along with it we have also developed new features for the CRM as well as for its portals and connectors.

CRM Benefits for Sales

October 15, 2019

CRM can be used for all kinds of different purposes, but it has traditionally been considered as a tool for sales people – which it sure is!

Sneak Peek to CRM2.0

September 13, 2019

The first drafts of the CRM2.0 are now here. Catch the first glimpse with our video!