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Looking for a nice place to keep your “stuff” organized, the layout fitting your needs with the possibility to upgrade or change small things without an actual need to move?

Like little houses and apartments ready for renting, no need for big investments. That is the modern day of Customer Relationship Management, a slot in bit space where we, the people behind the system, are the janitors, fixers, plumbers and so on.  … Read the article here

We provide information about the topic of CRM-service and the world of CRM actively increasing in LinkedIn, our official social media channel. On the CRM-service company page we publish highlights, videos, links and so on of the latest topics, events, articles and so on. Follow CRM and stay tuned.

Other news

The Possibilities of Using Email Triggers are Expanding – December’s Release Notes


With email triggers, automatic emails can be sent to contacts that have been linked with activities or tickets.

Automatic Deletion of Survey’s Answers – November’s Release Notes


One of the updates is the possibility to schedule an automatic deletion for the answers provided on mass events’ registration forms, in addition to an easier way to delete them manually.

Mass Invoicing in CRM – October’s Release Notes


We are publishing mass invoicing in the CRM’s new interface during the October’s update.