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CRM Benefits for Sales


TOP 3 Benefits for Sales

CRM can be used for all kinds of different purposes, but it has traditionally been considered as a tool for sales people – which it sure is! The clear advantage of the CRM is that all the information about your customers is safe and sound in one place, but what other benefits does it have for the sales people in their everyday work?

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Newest Trends for Newsletters


The start of a new decade has brought along new trends for marketing, and not the least for newsletters.

The Outlook Add-in Has Been Updated


Outlook Add-in is now more stable than ever before and complies with the latest information security standards, so that you can be sure that Outlook and CRM stay up to date.

Make Working Quicker


With the Last Viewed function, you can easily return to the ten last entities you have viewed – whether it has been seconds or days since your last visit.