Harvia Oy is a solid company operating in Muurame, central Finland. Widely considered as the creator of the modern Finnish sauna, Harvia has manufactured sauna heaters for 60 years. Today, Harvia is the world’s leading sauna heater manufacturer with exports to over 65 countries.

Harvia companies employ some 300 people.

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The growing and internationalizing business of Harvia Oy required an agile support and feedback management system, that is as interactive as possible connected with the entire customer and sales database for the best 360° customer care possibility. Previously all customer care had to be handled via separate emails and Excel files.


Harvia’s CRM-system was build up upon Harvia’s initial requirements, mainly in the service and sales aspect, but was developed vastly further during the implementation phase in good co-operation with CRM-service Oy. The CRM-service system serves as the collective basis of Harvia’s contact information, where the usage can be expanded to other business needs as marketing.

The feedback process is handled all in one place, and it is see-through and guided from the beginning to solution with a comprehensive 360 view of related events, e.g. spare part orders. The feedback system improves following, documenting and archiving the history. Information is used as a key part of the development of the products and services.

With the CRM-service system, we can focus on essential matters, like collecting knowledge on what our customers want and what information they value.

Arto Harvia , Product Development Engineer, Harvia Oy



  • Dynamic reclamation and order handling
  • Helpdesk communication to customers via built-in mail scanner
  • Customized answer templates for fast and easy communication


  • Product and order integration to ERP
  • Product registeration online form
  • Feedback online form

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